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Along with the Top SAS® papers and references, you have access at your finger tips SAS® e-Guides, SAS® Summary Sheets, Sunil's collection of over 20 SAS papers and invited SAS® presentations along with  pharmaceutical industry articles.  The unique resources on this page are based on my 20 year plus in the SAS consulting and pharmaceutical industry.  It also contains my invited presentations at international, regional and local SAS user group meetings.         

SAS® Resources Contents


SAS® e-Guides - The Single Most Concise Productivity e-Guide Available! 

Available only to members - password required.  Please respect membership policy and not distribute e-Guides.  Non-Premium members must pay $24.95 to access e-Guides.  Requires password and Acrobat Reader 10.1.0 or greater for internal and external links to work.  Training video links follow each e-Guide.

Automating Tasks using SAS Macro ProgrammingSAS Macro Programming blog (Over 70 SAS Examples)

Training Companion to SAS Macro Programming e-Guide

Automating Tasks using SAS Macro Programming e-Guide I     Automating Tasks using SAS Macro Programming e-Guide II

Automating Tasks using SAS Macro Programming e-Guide III   Automating Tasks using SAS Macro Programming e-Guide IV

Automating Tasks using SAS Macro Programming e-Guide V     Automating Tasks using SAS Macro Programming e-Guide VI

Macro Unit Testing Made Easy   Robust SAS Macro Programming Testing Plans


Compare and Conquer SAS Programming Techniques (Over 25 Summary Tables/Figures) (Compare and Conquer Blog)

Training Companion to e-Guide

Compare and Conquer SAS Programming Techniques e-Guide I    Compare and Conquer SAS Programming Techniques e-Guide II


Quick Results with Proc Report, Proc Report blog (Over 20 SAS examples)

Quick Results with Proc SQL, Proc SQL blog (Over 60 SAS Examples)

Training Companion to e-Guide 

Quick Results with Proc SQL e-Guide I    Quick Results with Proc SQL e-Guide II

The Ultimate Proc SQL Example

Proc SQL Unit Testing Made Easy

Yes, you can use Cartesian Products

Beyond Proc SQL: Dataset Vitals


A to Z Analysis and Validation using Proc Tabulate, Proc Tabulate blog (Over 30 SAS examples)

Training Companion to e-Guide

A to Z Analysis and Validation using Proc Tabulate e-Guide I  A to Z Analysis and Validation using Proc Tabulate e-Guide II

Followup to Proc Tabulate class at SAS Global Forum 2013

Finally a Proc Tabulate I can use to QC any Table (Summary Sheet)


CDISC Mapping e-Guide (Over 23 SAS macros and 45 SAS paper references) CDISC blog

Training Companion to e-Guide

CDISC Mapping e-Guide I  CDISC Mapping e-Guide II    CDISC Mapping e-Guide III

CDISC ID Lab Baseline Value 

CDISC DEFINE.XML (Summary Sheet)

CDISC - SDTM, What You Need to Know

CDISC - Compare and Conquer Key SDTM and ADaM Variables

CDISC: What can be done with SUPPXX domains?

CDISC Oncology Domains Overview

CDISC - Pinnacle 21 OpenCDISC Demo

CDISC Video Portal Tour

Better CDISC Compliance Techniques results in faster Breakthrough Therapies

Leveraging Metadata for SDTM QC Automation

Creating SDTMs and ADaMs CodeList Lookup Tables

Overview of Metadata Level Processing

Leveraging Metadata for Data Transfer Compliance

Ten QA Checklists for FDA Audits and Submissions

Control and Customize SDTM and ADaM Compliance Checks


Savvy Training Sessions

Log on to SAS Training Session

(Available only to members - password required.  Please respect membership policy by not sharing links or passwords.) 

Below are video links to previous SAS® Savvy webinar training sessions.  Each training session ranges from 30 to 60 minutes and can be accessed any time.  Note that some training sessions are companions to the SAS® e-guides.  In general, the videos are grouped from basic to advanced.  See also SAS Resource videos.  


SAS Savvy Open House and Resources Training Sessions

Exploring Common SAS Programming FAQ  (Store your common FAQs)

'Very valuable resource for organizing, communicating, and tracking data', Mani Garcia


SAS Savvy Open House I (Learn how to apply SAS Savvy when programming)

SAS Savvy Open House II  SAS Savvy Open House III  SAS Savvy Open House IV

SAS Savvy Open House V with Keyword Search  SAS Savvy Open House VI

SAS Savvy Open House 2020 

SAS Savvy Open House 2021

Leveraging SAS/BASE Resources (Take advantage of free SAS resources)


Pharmaceutical/CDISC Training Sessions

Pharmaceutical Portal (Vital to master CDISC programming techniques)

Clinical Data Acceptance Testing Procedure (PaperCDM Blog)

What’s your ID? Multiple Ways to Identify LB Baseline Values (Lab Blog)

CDM: Edit Checks, Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks (CDM Blog)

Don't Just Survive, Thrive! (Statistical Analysis Blog)

Overview of Patient Profiles (ODS and Statistical Graphs Blog)

PhUSE Coding Tips and Tricks (March 2020)

How to Develop a Good Program Index


SAS Programming/Base Certification Training Sessions/Blog (Be better prepared for the exam)

Best of Both Worlds: Data Step and Proc SQL Joins (DATA Step Blog, Proc SQL Blog

WHERE vs. IF Statements: Knowing the Difference in How and When to Apply (DATA Step Blog)

Which comes first PUT() or the INPUT()? (SAS Functions Blog Summary Sheet)

Reading and Writing to Excel files (Excel Blog)

ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers (ODS Blog)

SAS Enterprise Guide - Best of Both Worlds (SAS EG Blog)

SAS Graphs, the Final Fontier (ODS Stats Graph Blog Summary Sheet)

Don't Bug Me, I am Programming in SAS (SAS Debugging Blog)

Alternative to Proc Transpose (Proc Transpose Blog, Paper)

Applying SAS Program Validation Techniques (QC Blog)

Dress up your data values and summary tables with SAS formats  (Proc Format Blog)

Which Direction is your SAS Arrays? (Data Step Blog)

Lost without SAS Indexes?  (SAS Options Blog)

Five Habits of Highly Effective SAS Programmers (Compare and Conquer SAS Programming Blog)

How to Proc Compare your Output (Proc Compare Blog)

Alternative Method to compare datasets without Proc compare (Proc Compare blog)

To Impute or Not Impute Average or Non-Missing Values (Statistical Analysis Blog)

What's In a Variable Name? (Data Step/Merge Blog)

Greater Flexibility with Applying Non-Mutually Exclusive Conditions

Best of Both Worlds: Better Management and Higher Quality Deliverables

What is your SAS Job Role?

Learning SAS, No Programming Required Introduction to SAS Enterprise Guide (SAS Enterprise Guide Blog)


SAS® Summary Sheets

Below are summary sheets from my SAS® classes, hands-on-workshops and consulting projects.

DO_OVER Macro: Summary Sheet, Model SAS Program

Managing Errors, Warnings and Critical Notes

ODS Style Definition Selection Process

ODS Table Definition Selection Process

PDV Insights with Data Step Debugger

Proc SQL Summary Sheet

SAS Programming Efficiency Factors

SAS Tip Sheets

SAS V 9 ODS Statistical Graphs

Where vs. If

SAS Base Programming Tip Sheet

Proc SQL, Macro and Advanced Programming Tip Sheet


Project Management Tools

Project Tracking Template

QC Variable Cross-Reference Checklist

QC Issues Log

'This was very useful to me since I manage my research lab and we have been trying to come up with a best-practice method to organize, track, and communicate with each other about data related issues, progress, and problems.  The Study QC Issues Log is organized very well and looks like just the tool I need for my lab. I will try it out and report back on what happens.', Mani Garcia 

QC Validation Checklist for derived datasets, tables, lists and graphs


SAS® Utility Macros

Descriptive statistics for categorical variables (Proc Report or Proc Tabulate)

Descriptive statistics for continuous variables (Proc Report or Proc Tabulate)


Invited SAS® Presentations and Hands-On Workshops

Below is my collection of both technical and management track SAS® presentations. If prompt asks for username and password, just hit cancel to open the file.

General Topics Papers and Workshops

An Alternative Method of Transposing Data Without the Transpose Procedure - Presentation

Minimizing Impact and Risk of Bad Data – Lessons from Other Industries

Preventive reporting is better with multi-level format

Ready to Become Really Productive Using Proc SQL? - Paper, Presentation, Summary Sheet, SAS Examples

Selectively Processing SAS Datasets-Technical Tip

Solving Business Problems with the SQL Procedure

Something for Nothing? Adding Group Descriptive Statistics Using PROC SQL
 - Presentation

Utilization of SAS® programs in the Business Environment

WHERE vs. IF Statements: Knowing the Difference in How and When to Apply - PaperPresentation, Summary Sheet, SAS Institute Tip

Yes, you can use Proc SQL Cartesian Products

Output Delivery System (ODS) Papers
 and Workshops

Quick Results with the Output Delivery System - PaperPresentation 

SAS ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers - PaperPresentation

ODS Style Definition Selection ProcessODS Table Definition Selection Process

Using Styles and Templates to Customize SAS® ODS Output - PaperPresentation

Pharmaceutical Industry Papers and Workshops

Clinical-Data Acceptance Testing Procedure - Presentation

   Download macros: u_ecfreq

Database Design Strategies in CANDAs

Designing Clinical SAS® Service Request Forms

Practice Makes Perfect: Training and Performing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Preparing the SAS® Software Programming Environment for Regulatory Submission

Utilizing Clinical SAS® Report Templates

Facilitate Statistical Analysis with Automatic Collapsing of Small Size Strata

Saving QC Time for Production Tables

ADRS Summary Report

SAS Enterprise Guide Papers and Workshops

Analysis and Reporting Made Easier using Enterprise Guide

Enterprise Guide for Business Analysts

SAS Enterprise Guide - Best of Both Worlds - PaperSlidesPresentation


Pharmaceutical Industry Magazine and Online Articles

Below is my collection of both technical and management track pharmaceutical industry publications as well as career advancement tips.

Applications Developers: The Artists of Technology - Provided Expert Interview, Certification Magazine, March 2006

How Cloud-Based Tools Can Help With FDA Compliance, Life Science Leader magazine

Know Your Industry: Developers in Health Care, Certification Magazine, July 2006

Must-Have Tools for Developers, Certification Magazine, January 2006

On-The-Job Training Improves Job Performance, Certification Magazine, May 2005

Practice Makes Perfect, European Contract Professional Magazine, Spring 2008

Practice Makes Perfect: Training and Performing in the Pharmaceutical Industry, SAS Global Forum 2009

Standards for Clinical Data Quality and Compliance Checks, Pharmaceutical Programming, 2008, Data Basics, Society for Clinical Data Management, Winter 2008 newsletter


Free SAS® Newsletters, Examples and Tip Sheets

I encourage you to take advantage of these many free SAS® resources to increase your SAS knowledgebase.

Quick Results with ODS, Data Management and Reporting Made Easy

Graphic Perceptual Edge Library

SAS Cheat Sheet, David Franklin

SAS Examples from SAS Books

SAS Institute e-Newsletters

SAS Programmer's Pocket Reference, Rick Aster

SAS Tip Sheets - ODS, Proc Template, and Graphs

The Missing Semicolon Newsletter

VIEWS News Newsletter

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