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Data Access & Management

(Create and manage SAS datasets - functions, arrays, do loops, dates, sort, transpose, variable type conversions, formats, etc.)

Data Cleaning and Validation Techniques

(Confirming data quality and program validation)

Table Lookup Techniques

(Merge SAS datasets to retrieve records - SAS indexes, Hash tables, etc.)

SAS version 9.2 and higher (Python, R Programming, SAS Vivya)

Reporting and Analysis

(Summarize categorical/continuous variables , create standard and custom reports, and ODS, etc.)

Data Analytics

(Data Science, Descriptive Statistics, Predictive Modeling, PK, JMP)

Advanced Topics

(Macro variables, macro programs, efficiency, metadata, etc.)

Industry Topics

(Business Intelligence, Insurance and Banking, Pharma, etc.)

Business Intelligence and ETL


Clinical Data Management (CDM) 

Data Sciences

Enterprise Guide/ SAS Studio

Insurance and Banking

Medical Device Programmer

Pharmaceutical Programmer

Community Search

Savvy Resources 

(Tutorials, debugging, unix, e-guides, common FAQ, etc. )

Email support, FAQ

 R ProgrammingR-Guru 




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