SAS® on the PC    

MS DOS Statements

SAS Companion for Windows Syntax


1. Getting PC SAS to Do What You Want, When You Want, How You Want, Jodie Gilmore

2. Practical Tips to Customize a SAS Session, Beilei Xu, Xiaohui Wang

3. Applications for Running DOS Commands within SAS, Na Li [X Commands]

4. Doing More with the SAS® Display Manager: From Editor to ViewTable - Options and Tools You Should Know, Art Carpenter

5. A short simple tutorial on SAS libname statements for SAS for Windows

6. SAS/ACCESS® Interface to PC Files Data Access Demystified, Howard Plemmons

7. File Management Using Pipes and X Commands in SAS, Emily Sisson

8. Creating a DOS Batch File to Run SAS® Programs, David Franklin

9. A Dynamic Approach to File Organisation using DOS within SAS, Michael Tang

10. Applications for Running DOS Commands within SAS Na Li [X 'Copy ''source path'' ''target path '' ']

11. File Management Using Pipes and X Commands in SAS®, Emily Sisson

12. Xamining the X Statement (and Some Other Xciting Code), George Hurley [X Command and macro variables]

13. Pros and Cons of X command vs. SYSTASK command, Irina Walsh [X "dir c:\temp /b/o:g > C:\temp\CopyFiles\report.txt";]

12. Let SAS® Do Your DIRty Work, Richann Watson

13. Quotes within Quotes: When Single (‘) and Double (“) Quotes are not Enough, Art Carpenter [X statement]

14. Using SAS® to Locate and Rename External Files, Lu Gan [File Date Timestamp]

15. Get Control of Your Input: Refer to Multiple Data Files Efficiently, Zhongping Zhai [File Date Timestamp]

16. Nifty Tips For Data Change Tracking Julie Kilburn and Rebecca Ottesen [File Date Timestamp]

17. Pros and Cons of X command vs. SYSTASK command, Irina Walsh

18. More Than Batch – A Production SAS® Framework, Denis Cogswell

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