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A to Z Analysis and Validation using Proc Tabulate I 

A to Z Analysis and Validation using Proc Tabulate II

Proc Tabulate Class Followup 

Proc Tabulate Example


  A to Z Analysis and Validation using Proc Tabulate ($120)  

Smarter PROC TABULATE searches - It is quite possibly the most flexible SAS® Procedure for all types of analysis and validation.  Most any type of summary level table can easily be produced.  For detail level listings, see PROC REPORT. For formatting syntax, see ODS Style example.   

Below is the ultimate Proc Tabulate table to qc production tables.  You can specify the order of each continuous and categorical variable. Click on image or SAS code

 Below is another example.  Seee SAS code.

population trees.txt


Seven Cases of Handling Missing Data


SAS® Reference Proc Tabulate Syntax 

SAS® Reference Proc Tabulate Dimensions  (Read from RIGHT to LEFT)
SAS® Reference Proc Tabulate List of Statistics
SAS® Reference Proc Tabulate Examples of Percent Calculations

SAS® Reference Proc Tabulate Missing Values

SAS Multi-label Nonsorted Example

SAS® Enterprise Guide paper Summary Tables Task in SAS® Enterprise Guide® PROC TABULATE Made Easy, Susan Slaughter, Lora D. Delwiche

SAS® Guide Book and Code PROC TABULATE Examples

Beginner Paper Anyone Can Learn PROC TABULATE, Lauren Haworth

Beginner Paper Introduction to PROC TABULATE, Wendi L. Wright

Annotated Guide Using Proc Tabulate And Proc Summary to Validate SAS Code, Yanmei Lu, Russ Lavery

ODS Paper PROC TABULATE and the Neat Things You Can Do With It, Wendi L. Wright

HOW Paper How to use Proc Tabulate, Tasha Chapman

Percentage Paper Computing Percentage Using PROC TABULATE – from Simple to More Complex, Wende Tian, Hong Zhang [CDISC]

Tips for Generating Percentages Using the SAS® TABULATE Procedure Kathryn McLawhorn [Missing, COLPCTN]

Setting the Percentage in PROC TABULATE, David Franklin 


1. PROC TABULATE: Getting Started, Art Carpenter

2. PROC TABULATE: Doing More, Art Carpenter

3. Making Sense of PROC TABULATE (Updated for SAS9®), Jonas V. Bilenas [PCTSUM]

4. Advanced Features of PROC TABULATE, Thomas J. Winn Jr. [Weight Option]

5. Proc Tabulate using a Categorical and Numerical Variable, Julie W. Pepe

6. I'll Have the TABULATEs a la ODS Please, With a Table of Contents On the Side, Ray Pass

7. Battle of the Titans: REPORT vs TABULATE, Dan Bruns

8. Speaking Klingon: A translator’s guide to PROC TABULATE, Dianne Louise Rhodes

9. Big Money Proc TABULATE® Generating Great Reports with the TABULATE Procedure,
Ben Cochran

10. Using PROC FORMAT and other little tweaks to enable PROC TABULATE’s
hidden capabilities of optimizing statistical reporting, Heli Ghandehari

11. PROC TABULATE and ODS RTF: The Perfect Fit for Complex Tables, Louise Hadden 

12. Elegant Tables: Dressing Up Your TABULATE Results, Lauren Haworth [Column Width]

13. Statistical Presentations Using the Power of PROC TABULATE, C. Olivia Rud [Weight Option]

14. Some Tips and Examples for Using SAS@ PROC TABULATE, Pei Lee Tien, Tsung-Hua Lin, Mike McGranaghan [Pre-process to display as-is]

15. Custom Sequence of Rows and Columns in PROC TABULATE, Erik Tilanus

16. Introducing a Colorful Proc Tabulate, Ben Cochran


18. Getting it Done with PROC TABULATE, Michael Williams

19. ODS EXCEL Tips and Tricks for PROC TABULATE

20. PROC TABULATE Made Easy, Yunin Ludena, Elizabeth Guerrero

21. Using Multi-label Formats to Create Subtotals in PROC TABULATE, Christina Morris [MLF Proc Format]

22. Tweaking your Tables - Suppressing superfluous subtotals in PROC TABULATE [Presentation]

23. Ethnicity and Race: When Your Output Isn’t What You Expected, Philamer Atienza 

24. PROC TABULATE, A Challenge? Tove Kristoffersen [Adverse Tables]



SAS® Savvy Class: A to Z Analysis and Validation using Proc Tabulate (New)

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