Below is a collection of SAS® papers for smarter PROC MEANS and PROC SUMMARY searches.  While the statistics from both PROC MEANS and PROC SUMMARY are the same, by default, PROC MEANS displays results while PROC SUMMARY saves results to a dataset.  See also Statistical Analysis and Compare and Conquer SAS Programming.


proc means nway data=sashelp.class;
  var weight;  output out=class_means mean=/autoname;

proc summary data = print;
  class product;
  var Returns;

Common Useful PROC MEANS Options 

 N NMISS MEAN MIN MAX - popular descriptive stats
 MAXDEC= - The number of decimal places.
 NOPRINT - Useful to create dataset only instead of displaying results


Beginner Paper The MEANS/SUMMARY Procedure: Getting Started, Art Carpenter [Levels, NWAY]

SAS Enterprise Guide Presentation

SAS® Course Changes and Enhancements to PROCs MEANS/SUMMARY

SAS® Reference PROC MEANS Syntax, Statistics

SAS® Reference PROC SUMMARY Syntax

Compare and Contrast Proc Means/Proc Summary


1. The MEANS/SUMMARY Procedure: Doing More, Arthur Carpenter [LEVEL, WAYS, MAXID, MINID]

2. Getting the Most from PROC MEANS, Andrew H. Karp

3. Taking the Proc Summary a Step Beyond, Priya Suresh

4. Let Summary Sum and Tabulate Format, Marianne Whitlock

5. Advanced Power of PROC SUMMARY, David Beam

6. The power of using options COMPLETETYPES and PRELOADFMT, Naren Surampalli

7. Programming With CLASS: Keeping Your Options Open, Arthur L. Carpenter

8. Confidence in the 95% Confidence Interval of Mean, Bhargavi A. Raghavan

9. Guido’s Guide to PROC MEANS – A Tutorial for Beginners Using the SAS® System, Joseph J. Guido

10. The Essential Meaning of PROC MEANS:
A Beginner's Guide to Summarizing Data Using SAS® Software, Andrew Karp

11. A PROC MEANS Primer, David Kerman

12. Steps to Success with Proc Means, Andrew Karp [Presentation] 

13. PROC FREQ and MEANS – to Stat or not to Stat, Marge Scerbo, Mic Lajiness

14. PROC MEANS versus PROC SQL for Descriptive Statistics Generation of Weighted Data, Keiko Powers [MEDIAN]

15. Advanced Tips and Techniques with PROC MEANS, Andrew Karp [/autoname]

16. Summarizing to the one-record-per-person using PROC SUMMARY: when to use CLASS and when to use BY, Jenny Yu

17. Transposing Data Using PROC SUMMARY'S IDGROUP Option, John King, Mike Zdeb

18. Getting the MAX Out of PROC MEANS, Scott Leslie

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