SAS® on the Unix  

To simulate SAS Display Manager, it is useful to open three terminal windows to view these files: SAS program, log and list.  

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1. UNIX® Users - See Output of a PROC CONTENTS or PROC PRINT With a Single Command!, Tina Bykofsky

2. SAS Procedures as UNIX Commands, Sriharsha Rachabattula

3. Some Tricks to Get the Best Out of SAS® and UNIX, Chienchung Chen

4. Wonderful Unix SAS Scripts: SAS Quickies for Dummies, Raoul Bernal [Batch files]

5. Unix and SAS: Getting Started, Sara Hickson

6. UltraEdit: Thumbs-Up Code Editor for SAS® Programming On PC and UNIX Servers, Eugene Tsykalov

7. Smokin With UNIX® Pipes, Kimberly LeBouton, Thomas Rice

8. Unix to RTF Macro, Producing RTF Reports on the Unix Platform, Jim Snider

9. SAS® UNIX-Space Analyzer – A Handy Tool for UNIX SAS Administrators, Airaha Chelvakkanthan Manickam

10. Locally Visible, Remote Data and Format, Hsiwei Yu, Brian Deitch, Kamau Njuguna [LIBNAME]

11. How to Access PC File Data Objects Directly from UNIX, Howard Plemmons

12. The SAS Terminator: An Ultimate Killer of UNIX Processes, Houliang Li

13. UNIX Comes to the Rescue: A Comparison between UNIX SAS® and PC SAS, Chii-Dean Lin, Ming Ji

14. Let SAS® Do Your DIRty Work Richann Watson

15. I’ve Got to Hand It to You; Portable Programming Techniques, Art Carpenter, Mary Rosenbloom

16. Good Programming Practice when Working Across PC SAS and UNIX SAS James Zhao

17. Quick Windows Batches to Control SAS Programs Running Under, Windows and UNIX, Stanislaw Furdal

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