Below is a collection of PROC APPEND SAS® papers.  PROC APPEND is very useful when you need to append two or more datasets of the same structure.  See also PROC SQL.  See alternative PROC DATASETS and SET statement.


 DELETE A;                           /* Best Practice to first delete dataset A */


                                              /* Similar to SET A B in DATA Step */

PROC APPEND BASE = A   /* Generally new dataset name without any content */

                          DATA = B    /* Add dataset B records to the end of dataset A recods */

                          FORCE;       /* Forces the records to join even if variable lengths differ */



SAS® Reference PROC APPEND Syntax


1. PROC COPY and PROC APPEND: A Developer’s Secrets, Diane Olson [DATECOPY]

2. The Power of PROC APPEND, Ted Logothetti

3. When PROC APPEND May Make More Sense Than the DATA STEP, David W. Carr

4. Fatal Witlessness: Appending Datasets! WARNING! This may cause truncation of data!, Arunim Gupta

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