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1. Quick Hits - My Favorite SAS® Tricks, Marje Fecht [Beginner, CATX]

2. Helpful Undocumented Features in SAS®, Wei Cheng

3. SAS® Programming Conventions, Lois Levin

4. Sending Emails in SAS® to Facilitate Clinical Trial, Frank Fan [CDISC]

5. SAS Beyond Measure, Jim Baker

6. Programing for Job Security: Tips and Techniques to Maximize your Indispensability, Art Carpenter

7. %DIFF: A SAS Macro to Compare Documents in Word or ASCII Format, Michelle Xu, Jay Zhou

8. 10 Things I Hate in SAS Coding, Paul Hamilton

9. What NOT to Code, Bob Newman

10. Robust Programming Techniques in the SAS® System, Alice M. Cheng

11. SAS® Shorts: Valuable Tips for Everyday Programming, Jeff McCartney, Raymond Hu

12. Writing Code That Lasts, Sandra Minjoe

13. “How Do I . . .?” There is more than one way to solve that problem; Why continuing to learn is so important, Art Carpenter

14. Resolving Value Differences among Duplicates, A Rule-based Approach, David Abbott, Douglas Melton, Steven Grambow, and George Jackson

15. SAS Tips I learnt while at Oxford, Philip Mason

16. You’ve Got Mail – E-mailing Messages and Output Using SAS® EMAIL Engine, Jeanina Worden and Philip Jones [Debugging]

17. Sending E-mail from the DATA step, Erik Tilanus

18. Automated distribution of SAS® results, Jacques Pagé

19. SMTP E-Mail Access Method:Hints, Tips, and Tricks, Chuck Hunley

20. SAS Blog - How to use Gmail to send a message from a SAS program

21. Top Ten SAS® Sites for Programmers: A Review, Charles Edwin Shipp, Kirk Paul Lafler

22. SAS®: Tips and Tricks, Audrey Yeo

23. More Hidden Base SAS Features to Impress Your Colleagues, Peter Crawford

24. The DATA to DATA Step Macro [Macro]

25. Are You a Control Freak? Control Your Programs – Don’t Let Them Control You!, Mary Rosenbloom, Art Carpenter

26. Learn Hidden Ideas in Base SAS® to Impress Colleagues, Peter Crawford

27. Techniques for Effectively Selecting Groups of Variables Stuart Pollack

28. Hunting for Columbus’ Eggs in the SAS® Programming World: A Guidance to Creative Thinking for SAS Programmers, Alice Cheng

29. The Causes, Impact and Detection of Duplicate Observations, Alice Cheng

30. Talk to Me!, Elizabeth Axelrod [e-mail]

31. Let SAS Do Your DIRty Work, Richann Watson [DOS, UNIX]

32. Choosing the Best Way to Store and Manipulate Lists in SAS, Dmitry Rozhetskin [Manage Lists]

33. Processing Large Lists of Parameters and Variables with SAS Arrays and Macro Language, Eugene Tsykalov [Manage Lists]

34. Using SAS Variable Lists Effectively, Howard Schreier

35. Missing Values in SAS, Magnus Mengelbier

36. Know Your Tools Before You Use, Justin Jia, Jenny Jia

37. From Researcher to Programmer: 5 SAS® Tips I Wished I Knew Then, Crystal Carel

38. A Long-Time SAS® Programmer Learns New Tricks, Lisa Horwitz

39. Clinical Trials Data: It’s a Scary World Out There! (or “Code that Helps You Sleep at Night”), Scott Horton

40. Using FILENAME ZIP and FINFO to list the details in your ZIP files [File Date Timestamp]

41. Removing Duplicates Using SAS, Kirk Paul Lafler

42. Know Your Data While Writing the SAS Code, Shu-Min Chuang [Clinical Data Management]

43. Dealing with Blanks: Leading, Trailing, In-Between, Virginia Chen

44. New Vs. Old – Under the Hood with Procs CONTENTS and COMPARE, Patricia Hettinger

45. Handy Procedures to Expand Your Analytics Skill Set Mary MacDougall

46. An Easy Route to a Missing Data Report with ODS+PROC FREQ+A Data Step, Mike Zdeb

47. My bag of SAS® lifehacks, Dmytro Hasan

48. Don't Be a Slave to Your SAS® Programs, Marje Fecht, Larry Stewart

49. Learn to Please: Creating SAS® Programs for Others, Peter Crawford

50. Old But Not Obsolete: Undocumented SAS Procedures, Barbara Okerson [Proc Spell]

51. Developing an Analytics Center of Excellence, Charles Kincaid

52. How to Establish an Analytical Center of Excellence to Maximize the Value from Your Data and Analytics Investment, Aiman Zeid, Anne Milley

53. UltraEdit: Thumbs-Up Code Editor for SAS® Programming On PC and UNIX Servers, Eugene Tsykalov (UltaEdit)

54. Work Smarter Rather than Harder-Tools for Growing up A SAS® Programmer, Jiangtang Hu

55. The ABCs of PROC HTTP, Joseph Henry

56. SAS Program Library - Benefits of Using the Confluence Wiki, Leonard Polak

57. Simplicity is the Soul of Efficiency: Simple Tips and Tricks for Efficient SAS® Programming, Shefalica Chand

58. A Long-Time SAS Programmer Learns New Tricks, Lisa Horwitz

59. New in SAS® 9.2: It’s the Little Things That Count, Diane Olson

60. Are You Missing Out? Working with Missing Values to Make the Most of What is not There Arthur L. Carpenter

61. FIAR for Source Code, Katja [Presentation] 

62. How to Achieve More with Less Code, Timothy Harrington

63. Unleash the Power of Less Well Known but Useful SAS® DATA Step Functions, Timothy Harrington

64. Improving Data Quality - Missing Data Can Be Your Friend!, Julie Chen

65. Testing, testing Dabbling with SASUnit, Ismini Charalambous [Presentation]

66. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Learning to Live without Your X, Amit Patel; Lewis Mitchell

67. Working with Missing Values, Ed Heaton, Michelle Zhuang

68. Let the System Do Repeating Work for You, Laurent de Walick

69. Automatically Obtaining and Using Data Creation Dates, Varsha Shah, Kathy Roggenkamp

70. MISSING! - Understanding and Making the Most of Missing Data, Suzanne Humphreys

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