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SAS Installation Center, Maintenance , HotFixes 

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SAS Base Resources

Free SAS Dataset Viewer   


SAS® OnDemand Videos

Getting Started with SAS Tutorials 

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SAS Publishing  SAS Community Blog

SAS TALKS Webinar Series 


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SAS® Procedures and Language Documentation 

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Step-by-Step Programming with Base On-Line

SAS Procedures On-Line Documentation

SAS 9.3 SAS Statements

SAS 9.2 Base Procedure Guide

SAS/GRAPH 9.2 Reference

SAS 9.2 Companion for Windows

SAS 9.2 Language Reference On-Line Documentation

SAS 9.2 Language Reference: Dictionary On-Line Documentation

SAS 9.2 Macro Language Reference

SAS 9.2 SQL User Guide

SAS/STAT 9.2 User Guide

SAS 9.13 Language Reference On-Line Documentation

SAS Macro Language Reference On-Line Documentation

SAS/Access Software to relational databases

SAS/Access Features by Host

SAS Companion for Windows

SAS Companion for Unix


SAS® Books (Now you can search book content)

Step-by-Step Programming with Base book

SAS 9.2 Procedure Guide book

SAS Press Books By Users Catalog (Access to sample book chapter)

SAS Publications:Roadmap to SAS Documentation


SAS® Datasets, Examples, Technical Support, Resources and More

Base SAS and Tip Sheets   SASHelp Datasets

SAS Certification Program

SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS and ODS

SAS® Hot Fix Downloads - One, Two

SAS Online Resources for Statistical Education

SAS Program Examples       Sample Datasets

SAS Technical Support      SAS Technical Tips

SAS OnDemand for Professionals - Getting Started Video

Installation, Qualification and Performance Qualifications

Data Access > Data Management > Data Analysis > Data Presentation 

Modules: Base, Stats, Graphs

Procedures and Common Options: proc sort, proc format, proc sql, etc.

Datasets: Large to test performance

SAS® 9.4 Qualification Tools: User’s Guide    Notes    Previous Versions

1. Automating the Installation and Operational Qualifications of Your SAS Applications, with the SAS System, Joe Perry

2. Customizing SAS® OQ to Provide Business Specific Testing of SAS Installations and Updates, Steve Huggins [Presentation]

3. Tips and Techniques for Deploying SAS® in an Application Virtualization Environment, Chuck Hunley, Michael King, Max Blake, Rob Hamm

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