Learn and Debug SAS® Procedures


Below is the current list of general SAS Procedures based on their strengths. In general, SAS papers are references by the primary category to avoid any duplications.  

Expect more SAS Procedures to be added soon. New to SAS Programming? See Statsitical Procedures.

SAS® Procedure

Brief Description of Strength

Proc Append

Add records from second dataset to first dataset

Proc Contents/

Proc Print

Display intermediate datasets, apply where condition as needed.

Proc Compare

Compare and contrast dataset attributes and values between two datasets.

Proc Cport/Proc Cimport

Convert datasets and catalog files to transport files to be used across different operating systems

Proc Datasets

Dataset utility procedure

Proc Document

Proc Expand and SAS Dates

Create records to fill date gaps.
Proc Export 

Writes to an external data source such as an excel files



Proc Format

Create user defined formats

Proc Import

Access external files such as excel files.  See SAS Access to external files.  See SAS paper.

PROC IMPORT OUT=mydata.movies DATAFILE='c:\Movies.xls' DBMS=EXCEL2002 REPLACE;


Proc Printto

Write to external files.  See SAS Access to external files.

Proc Sort

Sort dataset

Proc Transpose

Convert records to variables or variables to records.

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