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"Thank you for the access to such an incredible resource.  You are helping many SAS users save time and energy searching the web!!", Mahalo!!, Grace Matsuura, SAS Programmer, Hawaii

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SAS®, or Statistical Analysis System, is a powerful programming language.

This page shows how to best utilize SAS® Savvy's collection of links to top SAS® papers and resources.  For those who are new to SAS® Programming, this page shows the road map to select papers based on SAS® procedures, SAS® topics or summary sheets based on your SAS® questions. 

From the process flow diagram below to the three pathways, New to SAS® Programming, Technical Track and Management Track, you should be able to quickly locate your focused answer.  In addition, you will find helpful Top Beginner Papers and Top SAS® References to quickly introduce you to the SAS procedure or SAS topic.  Finally, there are also sections such as effective programming style and communication skills for SAS® Programmers working abroad.  See also SAS Institute Links, SAS Certification Exam and SAS Debugging. 1

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How exactly are SAS e-Guides unique?

Choosing the Right SAS Procedure

The Elements of SAS Programming Style, Frank DiIorio

Boot Camp for Programmers: Stuff you need to know that's not in the manual, Elizabeth Axelrod

Good Programming Practice for Clinical Trials

Installing and Troubleshooting SAS 9.2

Common SAS Programming FAQ Index

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