SAS® Business Intelligence and ETL  

SAS® papers in this section focus on Business Intelligence (BI) and Extraction, Transfer and Loading (ETL) of data.  In addition, Six Sigma papers are also included in this section.  See also Data ScienceCDM, SAS Program Efficiency, Large Datasets and SAS System Options and SAS Enterprise Guide.

Six Sigma DMAIC and DMADV Phases


Data Entry Accuracy Rate

Method  Rate 
 Collection Forms

70 - 85% 

 On-Line Entry (up to 12 errors/1,000 keystrokes)




Six Sigma Lean Sigma for Process Improvement – Overview and Implementation, Doug Lassman [Pareto Chart Macro]

1. Is 99.9 percent Good Enough?

2. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

3. Lean Compliance for Pharma Companies

4. SAS  for Six Sigma - An Introduction, Daniel Bretheim

5. ADaM Programming – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Pam Howard

6. Six Sigma DMEDI Methodology: Drive and Develop Your Team, Caroline Gray


Business Intelligence Components

 SAS Enterprise Guide

Menu interface to SAS programming and tasks 
 Microsoft Add-In

Word, Excel and Powerpoint integrated 
Web Report Studio 

Internet based interactive reports 
 BI Dashboards

Metrics, Measurements and Benchmarks 
 Stored Process

SAS Macro programs
 OLAP Online Analytical Processing, Transaction-based summary Cube/Views by key variables 

 Information Mapping

Variable Name and Label Views 

Data Quality Paper Data Cleaning 101, Ron Cody

SAS® Webinar 1 Analytical Data Prep 101

SAS® Webinar 2 Got Bad Data? Part 2

DO_OVER Utility MacroTight Looping With Macro Arrays, Ted Clay

SAS's 8 Levels


Excel to SAS and Data Transfer Defensive Programming Techniques

A. Excel to SAS

 First row is not read as variable names, c1 - cx

 Dataset does not exit

B. Data transfer specification compliance - create baseline and then compare to identify differences

 (datasets, vars, type, format, length)

C. Data set stats - create baseline and then compare to identify differences

 (# obs, # vars, min - max num/date vars, codelist, # missing values, # vets, # family, 8 and 9000 series)

D. Data Attributes and Values

 '' vs '.' in conditions to exclude missing values

 extra blanks in char vars so apply left()

 char vs num vars storing numberic values

 char vs num date vars to process date vars 

E. Source to target map proc freq

 proc format, check for missing ('', '.', 1900, 9) vs non-missing

 auto scan and identify all date vars buy type and format

 put messages to display values


1. Analytical ETL, Matthias Kehder

2. The Value of ETL and Data Quality, Tho Nguyen

3. Super Size It!!! Maximize the Performance of Your ETL Processes, Nancy Rausch, Nancy Wills

4. Best practices for implementing a BI strategy with SAS, Mike Vanderlinden, Brian Varney

5. Names, Names, Names - Make Me a List, Ian Whitlock

6. Software Testing Fundamentals Concepts, Roles, and Terminology, John E. Bentley

7. Taking the Drudgery Out of Data Checking: Automatic Data Validation
Using FORMATS to Validate the Data, PROC DATASETS to Drive the
Process and MACROS to Hang it All Together, David Trenery

8. Using Information Effectively to Make More Profitable Decisions, “The 10 Letter Solution for Finance”, Frederick D. Busche, Kirk Boothe, Tom Everly

9. ETL Anatomy 101, Tom Miron

10. Standardizing the Standardization Process, Frank Ferriola, Avery Long

11. Building a Better Dashboard Using Base SAS® Software,Kirk Lafler, Joshua Horstman, Roger Muller

12. A SAS Output Delivery System Menu for All Appetites and Applications, Chevell Parker

13. Creating Interactive Web-Based Reports With SAS Chun Fan and Alex Ushveridze

14. Clinical Data Warehouse Development with Base SASÆ Software and Common Desktop Tools, Patricia Gerend

15. An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and the SAS System, David Malkovsky, John Maxwell

16. The Rise of Machines, Analytics and Humans: Artificial Intelligence in the Age of the IIoT, Kathy Ball, Devon Energy; Robert Silverman

17. Artificial Intelligence and the SAS System: Why You Have To Teach the SAS System about Sex!, David Malkovsky

18. AI-First Platform for Programmers [CDISC, Presentation]

19. Using SAS to Ease the Proofing of Messy Text, Nat Wooding, Richard La Valley

20. The Anatomy of Artificial Intelligence Solution for Automation of Underwriting Decision-Making Process, Tanya Kolosova, Samuel Berestizhevsky

21. An Ensemble Approach for Integrating Intuition and Models, Masoud Charkhabi, Lingyun Zhu [Presentation]

22. Developing the Code: Executing Particle Swarm Optimization in SAS, Anurag Srivastava, Sangita Kumbharvadiya

23. All I Really Want... A Wish List for New SAS Software Enhancements, Peter Parker

24. RAD with SAS Software: Strategies, Techniques, and Tips, Samuel Berestizhevsky, Tanya Kolosova

25. Report Production System - "Report Line", Samuel Berestizhevsky, Tanya Kolosova

26. Code-free Data Validation and Verification, Samuel Berestizhevsky, Tanya Kolosova

27. Salesforce Effectiveness at Sears: An Analytic Approach to Goal Setting and Tracking, Carl Schleyer and Jason Chavarry

28. Using SAS® for Application Programming Interface Requests, Michael Jadoo

29. What's New in SAS® Data Management, Nancy Rausch

30. Using SAS® to Move Data betweenServers, John Bentley

31. Salesforce: 4 Examples of Businesses Leveraging CRM to Improve Productivity and Efficiency

32. SAS/ACCESS Interface to Salesforce

33. The Ultimate Salesforce Data Migration Best Practices Guide

34. The Basics of Preparing for a Salesforce Data Migration


36. Your First SAS® Stored Process, Tricia Aanderud, Angela Hall

37. Statistical Programming Outsourcing KPI Dashboard A tool for better collaboration, Qian Wang, Thierry Paquet

38. Stored Processes: How to build, how to run, and why they are useful, Kevin Davidson

39. Using SAS to Move Data between Servers, John Bentley [FTP]

40. What to Expect When You Need to Make a Data Delivery, Helpful Tips and Techniques, Louise Hadden


Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

1. Managing the SAS® Development Life Cycle across Environments and within a Single Production Environment, Andrew Howell


3. Starting a Software Development Company from Home

4. Software Project Survival Guide

5. ProductBoard Software

6. Validation, SAS, and the Systems Development Life Cycle: An Oxymoron? Neil Howard, Michelle Gayari

7. System Development Life Cycle for SAS Applications Development Incorporating a Procedure for As-Built Validation of In-Use Products, Wayne Lanier and Deb Gilmore

8. The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as a Standard: Beyond the Documentation, Dianne Louise Rhodes

9. SAS Solutions for Addressing 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance – the P21 Biomedical Knowledge Platform, Edward Helton, Patricia Halley, David Handelsman


Data Flair Tutorials

Salesforce Tutorial For Beginners – Learn Salesforce Quickly

Sharing Rules in Salesforce – Types & Examples

Import Data in Salesforce – Data Import Wizard & Data Loader

Easy Ways To Export Data in Salesforce

Exploring Salesforce Architecture With Example


Building Business Intelligence Using SAS: Content Development Examples

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