Python, SAS Viya and GitHub  

1. A Complete Introduction to SASPy and Jupyter Notebooks, Jason Phillips

2. Comparing SAS® and Python – A Coder’s Perspective, Daniel R. Bretheim

3. SAS® and Python: The Perfect Partners in Crime, Carrie Foreman

4. Interaction between SAS® and Python for Data Handling and Visualization, Yohei Takanami

5. Everything is better with friends: Executing SAS® code in Python scripts with SASPy, Isaiah Lankham, Matthew Slaughter

6. Integrating Python and Base SAS®, Venu Gopal Lolla

7. Python-izing the SAS Programmer 2: Objects, Data Processing, and XML, Mike Molter

8. Python-izing the SAS Programmer, Mike Molter


SAS Viya (Read Sunil's book review)

1. Command-Line Administration in SAS® Viya, Danny Hamrick

2. Migrating from SAS® 9.4 to SAS® Viya® 3.5, Mark Schneider, Susan Pearsall

3. Coding in SAS® Viya®, Charu Shankar

4. Doin’ Data Quality in SAS® Viya®, Brian Rineer

5. Exploring the SAS® Viya® Operations Infrastructure, Bryan Ellington

6. Collaboration Calibration: How SAS® Data Scientists Collaborate Effectively Using SAS® Viya® Weston McManus and Allison Becker


GitHub, API

An Intro to Git and GitHub for Beginners (Tutorial)

Introduction to GitHub

1. Git’r’done: Using Git in the Production SAS® Environment, Joe Matise

2. Using the source code control system GitHub to manage your SAS code., Frank Biedermann

3. Make GitHub Your Web-based Version-controlled Code Repository, Spencer Childress, Shane Rosanbalm

4. Git for the SAS® Programmer: Using Source Control to Organize Your Code and Collaborate with Others, Amy Peters, Danny Zimmerman, Grace Whiteis, Joe Flynn, and Stan Polanski

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