Below is a collection of SAS® papers for smarter PROC FREQ searches.  See also Statistical Analysis.

Basic example

proc freq data=Color;
tables Eyes Hair Eyes*Hair / out=FreqCount outexpect sparse;
weight Count;

Common Useful PROC FREQ ORDER= Options 
 FORMATTED - default and similar to INTERNAL
 INTERNAL - default and similar to FORMATTED
 FREQ - sort from highest to lowest frequency
 DATA - list rows based on sort order in dataset

Common Useful PROC FREQ TABLE Options 

 LIST - displays all combinations of values as a list instead of the default cross-tabulation format.
 NOPRINT - saves to output dataset without displaying results
 MISSING - includes missing as a category
 NOCOL - prevent the display of column percentages 
 NOCUM - prevent the display of cumulative frequencies and percentages
 NOPERCENT - prevents the display of percentages
 NOROW - prevents the display of row percentages


SAS® Reference PROC FREQ Syntax

Exact tests in PROC FREQ: What, when, and how SAS Blog______________________________________________

1. Using Proc Freq for Manageable Data Summarization, Curtis Wolf

2. Guido’s Guide to PROC FREQ – A Tutorial for Beginners Using the SAS® System, Joseph J. Guido

3. PROC FREQ: It’s More Than Counts, Richard Severino [Stat Analysis]


5. Analyzing Ordinal Repeated Measures Data Using SAS®, Bin Yang

6. Think Outside the Box: Analysis of Categorical Data, Margaret Ann Goetz

7. To FREQ, Perchance to MEANS, Christopher J. Bost [NLEVELS]

8. What’s New in PROC FREQ Procedure, Version 9., Jyotheeswara Naidu Yellanki, Raj Suligavi

9. PROC FREQ and MEANS – to Stat or not to Stat, Marge Scerbo, Mic Lajiness

10. FREQ Out – Exploring Your Data the Old School Way, Stephanie R. Thompson

11. Ordering PROC FREQ Around, Jonathan Kerman

12. One Frequency Macro for All Frequency Tables, Sam Mao, Jim Edgington 

13. The Sparse Option in PROC FREQ: Little Known, Yet Powerful, Chris Moriak

14. Simulate PRELOADFMT Option in PROC FREQ, Ajay Gupta

15. Oh No, a Zero Row: 5 Ways to Summarize Absolutely Nothing, Stacey Phillips, Gary Klein

16. A Breeze through SAS® options to Enter a Zero-filled row, Kajal Tahiliani

17. Freq Out – Proc Freq’s Quick Answers to Common Questions, Christine McNichol

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