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Critics Choice Contents


SAS Savvy

"Your website looks comprehensive.", Veena Shetty, Biostatistician, PAREXEL International

'Thank you so much.  I love these resources!', Jonathan Aragon


"Thank you so much. I logged in and it looks great with lots of information, I will have to visit it often.", Peggy Han, MPH, Research Epidemiologist, Naval Health Research Center


"Thank you for taking the time to present SAS SAVVY today. You have done an incredible job with the site.", Todd Webster, Managing Partner TalentMine


"I am excited to join the Savvy community of SAS professionals and have to admit your wiki is very impressive with lots of content especially relevant to the pharma industry. Do look forward to start this year learning SAS with your continued help and gain expertise in key modules.", Faisal Mohammed, new SAS Savvy member


"Sunil possesses great SAS Skills and is a perfectionist at getting things done. He has tremendous SAS Experience spanning 20 years and has been presenting Papers on various topics at SAS User Conferences on a regular basis. He also has authored 2 books on SAS. His passion for SAS has also inspired him to start the SASSAVVY website which contains an extensive wealth of SAS Programming material useful for the Novice and Seasoned SAS Users alike. I recommend SASSAVVY to anyone who wants to learn SAS with passion but do not know where to begin. I am confident that the website will benefit them to get a grasp of SAS Concepts and eventually find a Career in SAS Programming with Confidence.", Prashant Chegoor, SAS Savvy member since April 2012


"I subscribe to Sunil Gupta's Sas Savvy resource to quickly access the deep knowledge base that Sunil has built up over years. This includes publications, guides, and e-training to help both experienced and newbie SAS programmers through the many, and sometimes obscure, methods and 'tricks' that the best SAS programmers and analysts use every day.

It's surprising how many times I have said to myself...
"Thank you Sunil! I would never have known that resource existed if it weren't for SAS Savvy!"", Kathryn Steiger, SAS Savvy member since March 2012


I am so happy that I took the SAS Savvy membership. SAS Savvy is an ocean with real treasure (amazing mind maps, papers, e-guides, trainings, books, webinars, etc.,). Still browsing through the topics and need to dig more. You did amazing job helping lot of people through SAS Savvy to know more about SAS and related topics... Appreciate your help..".

Thanks, Lakshmi Varalakshmi, SAS Programmer

______________________________________________"SAS Savvy is a great resource/web site launched by Sunil Gupta for all the SAS users. It is a very useful and user-friendly source of all about SAS codes, programs, etc.It is unique in a way that it makes the information from various other sources available to you in 3-4 clicks. The user gets access to some great examples of various SAS procedures, elaborate schematic diagrams about how a certain PROC works, numerous SAS papers.

Every fortnight, Sunil conducts a SAS webinar training to help users with their queries, how to navigate the site and find answers to SAS questions and also offers some valuable guidance. Sunil is a very professional and at the same time very approachable and helpful SAS expert!
Thanks and all the best Sunil!", Ashwini Erande, SAS Savvy member since February 2013


"Sunil has a unique ability to break down complex ideas into simple, quickly understandable concepts. His website SAS Savvy ( shows proof of this ability! He has a ton of frequently updated content information along with a gallery of code examples. It's a great resource for beginners and seasoned SAS professionals.', Tricia Aanderud, SAS Savvy member since February 2012


"My knowledge of SAS was very limited during my undergraduate career. While I used SAS in some of my classes (Time Series, Survival Analysis, Experimental Degisn) I knew that I lacked something necessary, the fundamentals. My university didn't offer an "Introduction to SAS Course" on a regular basis. Because of this, I felt that I may be at a disadvantage at graduate school. I learned about SAS Savvy from STATtr@k and decided to give it a try. The SAS guides are amazing and very informative. They run through everything step-by-step and do so thoroughly. Another thing about SAS Savvy that I really love is that it doesn't just "spit out code". The guides give the user further insight on the mechanics of the program. I have used SAS Savvy for a few weeks now and I have just barely touched the surface! I am excited to further use SAS Savvy and will definitely use this as a reference for graduate school. Thank you Sunil!", Eric Kawaguchi, SAS Savvy member since August 2013


"Sunil has delivered a wonderful package of SAS training that encompasses most aspects of SAS. The material prepared are not static materials that gets outdated every year or release. Sunil delivers new materials that get updated with every new release and new features developed. I strongly recommend Sunil's work and material and they are a small investment for the future.", Murphy Choy, SAS Savvy member since November 2011


"Respected Sir, Thanks for your help. This information will really helpful for me. Sir, I have visited, I really got impress with your work and your passion towards SAS. The information you have provided through this website will educate many people who are seeking their career in SAS programming.  Sir, with your prior permission i would like to be in touch with you, being a fresher in SAS, your guidance will help me a lot to build my career. Thanks & Regards", Sangram Taware, New SAS Programmer


"I am really impressed with the site- a lot of good work went into designing it.  In my opinion, the e guides: Compare and Conquer; Quick Results with Proc SQL; and Automating Tasks Using SAS Macro Programming are more than worth the the premium membership fee. I really like the format of each of these guides.", Walt Lierman, New SAS Savvy annual premium member


"Sunil is the SAS expert of choice. He is extremely knowledgeable and puts together great learning materials and articles. SASSavvy is a difference maker in learning SAS.", Olivier Roth, Marketing Manager, Clinovo

______________________________________________Dear Gupta ji, I have seen your posts on sassavvy and really like your perspective. I am learning SAS and would like to be in touch with you to get more knowledge. Kindly add me to your professional network on Linkedin.  Many thanks, Yashwanth Darapuneni


SAS Books

"I have much SPSS experience in what has become a SAS world.  For anyone in a position
similar to mine who wishes to program SAS, Sharpening Your SAS Skills is a book that
thoroughly covers all essential topics with clarity of explanation.  This book belongs in
any library of SAS books- its style got me excited about the uses and workings of SAS;
detailed and very useful.', 
Matthew Kurzon, SPSS programmer/ MS biostatistician


My Commitment to the SAS Community and SAS Global Forum Mentor Program

'I'm a junior statistical programmer at UNC. Recently I participated in The Power to Present: SAS Global Forum Presenter Mentoring Program. This was a useful experience. My mentor, Sunil Gupta, helped me with writing my paper and preparing the presentation. I would recommend this program to all young professionals and international students who want to participate in SAS Global Forum next year.', Polina Kukhareva, Statistical Programmer


"I am a new user to SAS and when I first explored SASSavvy, I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of information (in a good way). After discovering the “New to SAS Programming” page, I was able to navigate the site and learn SAS much more efficiently. A beginner can learn the basics from the links of that page and can be easily directed to specific questions by referring to the General or Statistical SAS Procedures pages. The mind maps are especially useful as they allow a person to trace the pages and links that worked for the topic he or she has a question about. I perused the more advanced topics and I am excited to use SASSavvy for its examples and resources as I continue learning the software." Thanks!, Anna Pritchard, ASA Member


"Thank you again for your time at the conference and the continuing contribution you make to our community – this is invaluable to us!", Michael Vagnier, Sr. Outcomes Analyst


"Thank you again for your time and great contribution to all SAS users.", Qing Zheng, Senior Statistical Analyst


"when am searching to know Difference between Where and If Statements in SAS i have seen your document. It was amazing and very helpful in a simple language.  Thank you very much sir.....", Kalyan Kumar, SAS Programmer, Hyderabad India


Proc SQL Hands-On Workshop

"I really enjoyed your PROC SQL presentation at the SESUG conference. Those in attendance were very fortunate that you were willing to come all the way from California to present your paper.", Linda Libeg, Sr. Systems Analyst, Westat

"Your previous HOW on SQL was received well by your audience…you truly are a great instructor.", Alissa Ruelle, Associate Director, Statistical Programming Ph II-IV, Biostatistics, inVentiv Health Clinical

"That was a great presentation you made. I really appreciate it. People were clearly interested and asked a lot of questions. It was great to meet you." Jason Ford, Washington, DC SAS Users Group Chairman


"Would you be interested in giving the PROC SQL HOW that you presented at PharmaSUG 2012 at SAS Global Forum 2013? We’d like to include a HOW on PROC SQL at the conference, and yours has come highly recommended by last year’s PharmaSUG HOW co-chairs.", Nancy Brucken, SAS Global Forum 2013 HOW co-chair


"Thank you very much for presenting excellent information on SQL and I look forward to learning more.", Kay Baker, Research Statistician, Hawaii Department of Health


"I really enjoyed and benefited from your talk on PROC SQL in WUSS 2011.", Morteza Mahyari, Quantitative Analyst Union Bank 


"I found the class very informative since I've never used PROC SQL before. It is very much appreciated!", Stephanie Yee, Programmer Analyst II, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics


"It was a real pleasure having you in our section this year and I know everyone came away with more knowledge about Proc SQL to assist them in their work.", Bob Bolen, SESEUG 2011 HOW Section Chair


"Yes, thank you for the abstract!  We have not officially reviewed any of the submissions, but I recall running some syntax you pointed me too, and I thought is was really clever.  We appreciate you taking the time to submit!", Patrick Thronton, Quick Tips Co-Chair, SAS Global Forum 2013


"I attended your informative workshop on Proc SQL.", Kirby Cossey, ICS, Government


"Thanks so much for your class and the e-Guide!  The class was very good with nice examples and summaries.", Xiaohong Hu, SAS Programmer


"I enjoyed attending your Hands-on Workshop on Proc SQL very much.", Esther Kwan, SAS Programmer


"I enjoy your presentation today. Would you please send me the presentation file. I do appreciated. I have learned a lot from your presentation. Thanks, Huong Mackenty, Bureau of Labor Statistics Department of Labor, USA


"I enjoyed your presentation this morning about SQL. I wanted to ask you about the e-guide you offered to the first 25 people who email you. I also wanted to ask if your power point presentation is available?  Thank you, Bruno Vizcarra


"I really enjoyed your lecture and look forward to communicating with you in the future.  Thanks for the tips on reading SAS Documentation.", Aisha Spencer, Economist


"I really enjoyed attending your class at WUSS! Can you please send me a copy of your presentation? I attended the “Ready to Become Really Productive Using PROC SQL?”, Kathy Doan, Senior Analystics Consultant, Wells Fargo Community Banking


"While I use Proc SQL quite extensively, your presentation was direct and concise on ideas on how to make SQL work better. (The 'calculated' in the order by was worth the price of the conference!). Thanks again for your insights!", Brian K Chapman, CBF0, Research Analyst, Marketing and Sales Integration, From a company leader in the insurance industry


SAS Enterprise Guide - Best of Both Worlds

"Thank you again for such a great presentation in the EG section this year!", Isabel Jacobson, WUSS 2012 SAS Enterprise Guide section chair


"Thanks for the wonderful presentation you gave on SAS Enterprise Guide in SAS Global Forum -2013. The presentation was very good & Crisp.", Sreenivas.Mullagiri, SAS Programmer, Union Bank


"It was great meeting you in person.  I thought the content was good for one like me who has never used EG, but only heard about it.  It was a real look at what it takes to learn and apply EG.  It has made me go back and launch the app and browse a bit.  (I did not know it was free with a PC SAS install until your presentations – so thanks!).  And your paper has a wealth of EG links to help users get more information or perhaps even started on using the tool.'


"Your presentation style was excellent.  Not too fast or too slow and spoken articulately  (perhaps no surprise there on that feedback, because you are a good presenter).  Thank you for taking the time to present.  It was a great topic.  I hope to see you in Chicago next year.", Mark Matthews, Senior SAS Programmer, Pharmanet-i3, PharmaSUG Industry Basics co-section chair


Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency Using Proc SQL

Feedback from WUSS 2011 Half day class students

"Instructor is a good presenter"

"The topic was related to my work"

"Clear presentation, practical"

"Nice PowerPoint slides, interactivity, independent learning periods in between the instructor talking"

"E-guide is a well-organized reference - thank you!"

"Fuzzy merge - this seems very useful"

"Instructor was very knowledgeable"

"Solid basics, lots of references"


A to Z Analysis and Validation using Proc Tabulate

"Thanks for a great seminar. I will definately use this in my daily work. Thanks agian for a really good seminar.", Ulf Holmstrom, Data Analyst, Holmstrom Consulting, Sweden

"Very good documentation/booklet", Product Analyst

"I have attended one of your Webinar “Maximizing the Use of SAS Proc Tabulate, Sunil Gupta (Gupta Programming), Wednesday, February 27, 2013”. I have certainly learnt and enjoyed this webinar.", Vaishali Thombre, Data Analyst


Automating Tasks Using SAS Macro and Metadata Programming

"Thank you so much for the webinar. I found the webinar very useful. Could you please send me link to the macro e-guide.", Thanks, Anbu Damodaran

"Thanks you so much, Dave: This is very helpful for me. I appreciate very much you let me join this training. If possible in the near future, I would like to join your other seminars. I am so eager to learn to expand my knowledge. I really count on Your help to help me grow.", Thanks, Julie Chen, Clinical Programmer

Feedback from WUSS 2012 Full day class students

"Great class, e-guide and handouts!  My supervisor told me that you are a wonderful presenter and speaker... I definitely agree!'

"Sunil is an excellent teacher.  He definitely knew his stuff.  Pacing of speech, volumne, tone, etc. were great.  Learned a lot!"

"The e-guide course book is an amazing reference."

"This class introduced new concepts regarding macros that I was not aware of previouly."

"Good examples'

"I attended the pre-conference class on automating SAS programs using macros in Long Beach and it was one of the more informative SAS trainings I have attended in a quite a while.  I was able to implement many of the techniques when I got back to the office to productionize a number of routine processes.  I was also able to implement a number of 'defensive programming' techniques to improve data reliability for clinical database applications that rely on external data sources.
I am sure that Mr. Gupta would be open to giving a training in our beautiful state, especially if the event occurs again in November.  I am sorry that I missed introducing myself in Long Beach but I look forward to hearing from you soon reagarding future HI-SUG events."  Sincerely, Jim Cooper, Manager, Utilzatiion Management Surveillance, Medical Management Hawaii Medical Service Association

Feedback from WUSS 2011 Half day class students

"A lot of great solutions to issues"

"Sunil was very interactive with the class and his handouts were helpful"

"Good ideas and content, very useful info"


CDISC 101 Mapping SDTM and ADaM variables

"We find the material and resource provided by SASSAVVY are well organized easy to understand and very resourceful. The pricing also very reasonable. Yours strong statistical background and CDISC experience made us to approach you . In addition, the fact that several other students have had a positive learning experience from taking your trainings.  You training material was customized to our needs, flexibility with training dates, links were provided to several other resources for further learning and knowledge, research and compilation of material in one place (i.e. sassavvy), and prompt turn-around-time for answering our questions"., Venkat Thota, Senior SAS Programmer, Syreon

"Thanks for the class, it has been great for filling in the blanks in my knowledge (which were considerable!) and making me feel more confident about the CDISC systems!", Cheers, Jocelyn Baker, UCSD Extension Online class student, Summer 2015

"It was a pleasure to have a chance to learn CDISC from you.  The material you have provided in the class is very useful." Ren Hou, UCSD Extension Online class student, Winter 2014 

"Thanks for teaching this class. I've learned a lot from your lectures.  Hope to stay in contact.",
Best, Lulu Liu, UCSD Extension Online class student, Summer 2014 

"I just wanted to say thank you, and how much i appreciated your help and truly enjoyed your online CDISC course. After taking this course i've learned how to create SDTM & ADaM datasets, mapping plan, convert character to numeric variables, etc. I hope i can apply my SAS/CDISC knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical industry." Lan Hoang, UCSD CDISC Online, Summer 2015

"Great session, thanks again for the invite!", Cheers, Steve Gibbs

'I like the Webinar very much. The contents are great and will be helpful in our work. I hope there will be more Webinar like this coming and more frequently.", Thanks, Sophie Wang

"It is so nice to see a presentation that not only makes CDISC understandable but also provides tools to organize it! I loved what I saw (unfortunantly I had to leave around 2:40pm for other work) but I plan on using the materials provided to refresh. What a fantastic presentation!", Chad Russ, CDISC Mapping e-Guide I Webinar, February 2014

"I took your CDISC 101 class in the PharmSUG one-day event in San Diego. I think your course will be very helpful to my work!", Wendy Huang, SAS Programmer, Inclin, PharmaSUG Single-Day Event, Sept. 2013


"It was pleasure to listen to you first time today in the [CDISC 101 Mapping e-Guide] Webinar. In webinar i liked the simplicity of your teaching and handling the complicated things by proper point by point approach.  I would appreciate if you can give me access to the free eBook which you mentioned during the webinar.", Vikas Dudhe, SAS Consultant

"I attended today’s webinar and enjoyed it very much. Please send me the CDISC Mapping e-Guide. Also, if the slides you presented today are different from the e-Guide is it possible to get a copy of those also?  Thanks again.", Linda Alexander

"Thank you so much for the webinar. I found the webinar very useful. For me the highlight of the webinar was the Development checklist (for source and QC). Could you please send me link to the CDISC e-guide.  Thanks", Anbu Damodaran


"It was great to be in your CDISC 101 class and I learnt a lot.", Anish Vora, Senior SAS Programmer, PharmaSUG Single-Day Event, Sept. 2013


"The CDISC class was very informative and introduced me to the mapping concepts!", Harsha Reddy, Senior SAS Programmer, Quintiles


"I would like to register your web class of CDISC as attached on October 15, 2013. I took your classes in WUSS in San Diego before, and it helped me a lot. Would you please let me how to make the payment and so on?  Looking forward to your another wonderful webex lecture.  Thank you so much", Qingshan, SAS Programmer

"Thanks Sunil!

The course was really interesting and you have done an amazing job of walking us through the concepts. SAS Savvy is a real treasure! Still digging through the topics and the webinar! Hope to continue to be in contact and receive mentorship on SAS topics, CDISC, jobs etc in future.", Sudha Gunturu, UCSD Extension CDISC Online class student, Winter 2014 

"I've worked with Sunil Gupta on several projects in the past and he has been an excellent SAS professional, providing SAS solutions in a very quick and effective manner.  I've reviewed his new CDISC class and found it a great class that covers many aspects of the CDISC process, and well worth the time. The class is good for those new to CDISC or those wishing to review.  Sunil has also developed a very useful resource for SAS users at:"., Rick Smith, Senior CDISC Consultant

"Thank you for sponsoring, and inviting me for the presentation. I did pick up a few important pointers from it. Really appreciate your help." Best regards, Sharath Kotrangada

"I am a Senior Statistical Programmer at inVentiv Health based out of Somerset, NJ. I recently attended your webinar "SAS Savvy's Clinical Data Management for SAS Programmer​s" and it was great. I am active with PharmaSUG and hope to meet you at one of the conferences.", Arun Raj


Sharpening Your SAS Skills Class

"Sunil--you are truly a SAS nerd! Excellent class and excellent instructor! I would recommend anyone who is preparing for their SAS certification exam to take Sunil's Sharpening Your SAS Skills Class.Thank you for your expertise and time. See you at the next PharmaSUG!"
Kathy Zhai, SAS Programmer, United BioSource Corporation, PharmaSUG 2012

"Even though I've been a SAS user for a few years, I never felt comfortable with data management in SAS until I read Sunil's book. Step by step process and extensive examples in each chapter give you a deep sense of data structure in SAS. In addition, the wide range of questions at the end of each chapter provides an opportunity to put your understanding to the test."
Arash Mahdian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PhD student in Economics

"Thanks for the great class and valuable resources.', Robin Jeffries, UCLA Student, PharmaSUG 2012

"Thanks very much for getting in touch. I met with Kriss Harris on Monday and have borrowed your book 'Sharpening Your SAS Skills' - I'm only about 40 pages in so far but it's already teaching me things I never knew!", Tim Wyatt, SAS Programmer

"Very knowledgeable instructor; Excellent handouts"

"Reviewing concepts for SAS Certification"

"Many practical examples and questions"

"Good review for common SAS skills"

"I enjoyed your class and look forward to applying what I'm learning from your book Sharpening Your SAS Skills"., WUSS 2007


Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission Class

"Sunil’s presentation was extremely well put together and presented. His materials supported his presentation in a clear and pointed manner. The take home points regarding the management of SAS programming were excellent and were immediately implemented. Sunil’s information regarding the use of SAS in electronic submissions was advanced in many aspects but not confusing or requiring a great deal of SAS knowledge. Overall, everyone on our team attending the session received important, useable information and processes they can immediately apply to their work. Sunil’s session was an excellent investment in both our staff and for our Sponsors."

Barry Turnbull, Ph.D., Head of STATConnect, BioBridges


"Your course exactly connects with the practical jobs in SAS programming of Pharmaceutical industry. I enjoyed learning it, and it gave me back my confidence for seeking my new career development in future. It's a great help! Thanks to Mr. Gupta for sharing his valuable experience. It's exactly what I want to learn. I hope I could learn some more from you."


Your student

Yuhong Huang

"I've learned a lot of useful information from you and thank you for your precious experience."

Vivian Chen, Associate SAS programmer, Medtronic


"Your course was excellent!", Luc Fortin, Scientific Director, Biometry, Charles River, Quebec, Canada, SAS Global Forum, Seattle 2010


"The course was very interesting and it will be of great help to understand and analyze my data and to become more productive. Your course is exactly what I was looking for, as well as, material, books etc. Thank you very much for the experience. I hope to meet you in another course."

Silvia Trevisan, Data Management & Statistics, IBSA - R&D Dept.

October 19-20, 2009 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Very competent teacher, documents were very complete."

Chantel Kersten, Kinesis Pharma, The Netherlands

October 19-20, 2009 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"It was a pleasure taking the class you taught. The class will help me implement new standards immediately and will aid in creating a programming environment where planning and validation are integral in developing submission tables and listings sufficient for regulatory review and audits."

Craig Wesselman, Biostatistics Supervisor, Tolmar, Fort Collins, CO

March 26-27, 2009 New Brunswick, New Jersey


"I really enjoyed your classes and found them very helpful. I also watched your archived presentations "Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Sumission".

Colleen Kelly, Ph.D., President, Kelly Statistical Consulting, San Diego, Online June 2011 classes - Compare and Conquer SAS Programming Techniques for FDA Submissions and Best Practices in Being 'On-Call' for FDA Submission Audits

"The right information I need to know; practical usages"

"This kind of overview of the statistical programming work for FDA submission is an excellent idea. It will be helpful to many to see the entire process."

"Liked the overview of the whole programming process"

"Good instructor; like course content, clarity of information"

"Your class was excellent! I found the class very helpful and upto date.",

Don Hurst, Senior Statistical Programmer, ZymoGenetics, WUSS 2007

"This was my first WUSS and I took 3-4 training classes, I liked yours as the best! Thank you for following up quickly with the reference material.",

Devendra Patel, Project Lead, Clinical Programming, Baxter, WUSS 2007


General Class Quotes

"Your class was very revealing to me.",  Dr. Leonard  Mukasa, Chief Epidemiology Officer, Arkansas Department of Health, ASA Member, Feb. 2013 

"Hello Dr. Gupta, I attended your webinar today on Proc Tabulate along with 15 of my colleagues here at the U of Utah. We were all very impressed and found many useful pointers. Thanks", Molly McFadden, MS, Unversity of Utah, ASA Member, Feb. 2013 

"I appreciated your ASA webinar yesterday.  Would it be possible for me to try your site via the free trial membership?  Thanks again", Ben L. Sanford Statistician, Alliance/CALGB Statistical Center, Duke Cancer Institute – Biostatistics, ASA Member Feb. 2013

"It was a good talk on webinar yesterday! Thank you!" Cindy Weng, Biostatistician, ASA Member

"I just came back from 31 SUGI and am very impressed by your presentation about Where vs. If statements.", Joy Zheng, Sr. SAS Programmer, Organon, SUGI 31

"Thanks a lot, Sunil. I fully enjoyed sitting in your class and learned a lot from you.", Fenfang Li, SAS Programmer from Hawaii SAS User group meeting in December 2012

"I enjoyed your class, I certainly learned some new things!" "Thank you for being one of my best instructors. I always learn a lot from your classes. SANDS 2002

"I can immediately implement or apply any of the concepts and/or techniques.", "Presentation meets my expectations.", WUSS 2006

"You are an excellent teacher and do a great job!", WUSS 2004

"I thank you for providing us with such valuable information and wish to attend further of those in the future.", ODS class 2004

"You are a wonderful teacher, very patient and helpful.", Pharmaceutical Corporate Client, 2004

"Your book was very thorough and helpful." WUSS 2003

"I took a class from you at WUSS and you had really great material", Chelsea Loomis Lofland, PhD Statistics Student, UC Santa Cruz, 2013 

"Great seminar yesterday, and great turnout too!", UCLA, 2003

"Your presentation was great, nicely polished, easy to understand, and paced just right. People really appreciated it.", SVSUGS 2002

"I am Sangram Taware, i have read your paper on "SAS® PROGRAMMER TO CLINICAL SAS PROGRAMMER". I would like to thank you for sharing this information.", Thanks & Regards,Sangram Taware


Pharmaceutical Consulting Projects

"Sunil is an excellent Statistical Programmer and considered an expert in the field. He also has very good leadership ability either as a project or functional lead. He provided leadership on an India initiative that was highly successful based on his leadership technically and managerially." Jim Baker, Executive Director, Amgen


"I knew Sunil for many years, either through the user group presentation events, or through the development of his popular course "Best Practices in SAS Clinical Programming for Regulatory Submission". I'm always impressed by his programming skill and diligence to work.", Wei Cheng, Executive Director, Isis Pharmaceuticals


"Sunil has excellent communications skills both written and verbal. He is very easy to get along with and can work well in a team. He has the ability to communicate complex technical issues with a wide range of an audience which allows him to manage large projects with many people and components.", Sy Truong, President, Meta-Xceed, Inc

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