Statistical and Reporting SAS® Procedures

Below is the current list of statistical SAS® Procedures based on their strengths. In general, SAS® papers are references by the primary category to avoid any duplications.  See also Statistical Analysis and Data Science.

Expect more SAS® Procedures to be added soon. SAS® Savvy Premium Members, let your vote be counted! Identify your top SAS® papers for higher ranking. Missing your favoriate SAS® Procedure? E-mail us to include a new list. See SAS® Savvy roadmap.

1. SAS® Reporting 101: REPORT, TABULATE, ODS, and Microsoft Office, Lauren Haworth

SAS® Procedure

Brief Description of Strength

Proc Freq

Displays sorted and group counts of all unique values and all unique combination of variables.

Proc Means/
Proc Summary

Summarize and save results as dataset.  Confidence Intervals.

Proc Report/

Proc Tabulate

Frequency of categorical variables, descriptive statistics of continuous variables.  Ask me how you can save over 30% of your validation time using Proc Tabulate exclusively to validation all types of summary tables. 

Proc Report Paper

Proc SQL

One-Stop procedure for summary info, subquery to list all details from a summary value as well as many-to-many joins.  Useful to also create macro variables.

Proc Univariate 

Summarize continuous values. 

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