Oncology Domains  

Below are oncology references.


Oncology Studies Domains (TU, TR, RS) (See also Labs), Statistical AnalysisLymphoma, Presentation

TU - Tumor Identification

TR - Tumor Results

RS - Disease Response

Over 200 different types of cancer: Men most common is prostate cancer, women is breast cancer

Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST) - Lesions are classified as (Responded, Stable or Progress)

Objectives - Overall Survival (OS) - time from randomization until death from any cause, Classification of Tumor Lesions by size, Change in Tumor (Nadir/Best Response, Shrinkage/Response, Growth/Progression), Quality of Life (QoL)

Classification of Response: Complete Response (CR), Partial Response (PR), Stable Response (SR), Progressive Disease (PD)

Survival Endpoints: 

Time to Tumor Progression (TTP) - time from randomization until radiological tumor progression

Progression Free Survival (PFS) - time from randomization until objective tumor progression or death from any cause, whichever is first, 

Disease Free Survival (DFS) - time from randomization until recurrence of tumor or death from any cause, assume patient is disease-free at enrollment

Time to Treatment Failure (TTF) - time from randomization until treatment discontinue for any reason 

Objective Response Rate (ORR) - Sum of complete and partial responses

Response Duration (DR)

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