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Writing Your First R Program, Just the Basics

  • 09 Nov 2021
  • 9:00 AM
  • Webinar


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Are you ready to install R and start writing your first R program?  Are you ready to start using one of the most powerful and common R package, Tidyverse?  If so, then this webinar is for you.  This webinar assumes you have no prior knowledge of R programming.

Come explore and test drive basic steps to install R and Tidyverse.  Let me show and tell basic R syntax to get data into R, combine data frames, query data, create new variables and finally summarize data.  These key tasks are required for all project.  They show how R programming is direct with function-based tasks that are executed in logic sequence to get data into R, perform data management and cleaning and then to summarize results.

Understanding common Objects

Install R, Windows

Install TIDYVERSE package

Show and tell with Basic Syntax

get data into data frames – inline with small data, csv

combine data frames – join (match), append

view data frame metadata

query data frame (dplyr) – filter, select vars

create new vars

summarize data frames

Join me on this live R demo to 'show and tell' R basic syntax.  Get your questions answered during the question and answer session.

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Computer and phone connections are required. Webinar will be recorded for on-demand viewing.

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