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 ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers

Customized Reports with SAS Output Delivery System 

 Quick Results with SAS Output Delivery System 

  Proc Report, Proc Template and ODS Unleashed 

Quick Results with the Output Delivery System - Paper, Presentation 

SAS ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers - PaperPresentation

ODS Style Definition Selection ProcessODS Table Definition Selection Process

Using Styles and Templates to Customize SAS® ODS Output - PaperPresentation

Below is a collection of ODS SAS® papers.  Note that along with custom styles, you can also take advantage of style options in PROC REPORT for example for maximum customization.  See also Data StepClinical Data Reporting, PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE, PROC DOCUMENTExcel, and other Tip Sheets 1, 2, and 3.  

Proc Report/ODS Customization Levels

Programming Task/Reference

A. Basic
A1. Creating RTF, PDF, Excel or HTML files

A2. Applying predefined SAS styles (More Styles)

Quick Results with the Output Delivery System

B. Intermediate B1. Applying styles in Proc Print, Proc Report and Proc Tabulate outputs

B2. Traffic lighting with user defined formats

B3. ODS ESCAPECHAR and RTF Control Words in DATA Step or Proc Report 
(RTF Control Word Reference)

B4. RTF Control Words in Titles/Footnotes

B5. Symbols in Titles/Footnotes/Table
Quick Results with Proc Report e-guide 

C. Advance
C1. Customizing styles and table templates using Proc Template

C2Applying styles in Proc Print, Proc Report and Proc Tabulate using custom style with style elements created from Proc Template   

C3. DATA _Null_ programming for custom table templates

ODS Style Definition Selection Process   

ODS Table Definition Selection Process

Using Styles and Templates to Customize SAS® ODS Output 

FAQ: PROC TEMPLATE, Katherine Burgess, Ashley Miller

B1. Steps to Applying styles in Proc Print, Proc Report and Proc Tabulate
 B1.1 - Data Step to insert blank rows for example based on By variable or condition  

               B1.2 - Proc Print, Proc Report or Proc Tabulate without any STYLE for structure/content

Syntax Reference

               B1.4 - Identity one or more TABLE_SECTION (s)

               B1.5 - Specify one or more STYLE ATTRIBUTES and VALUES.  
Note that attributes that accept dimensions will be followed by a unit.  See Proc Template Styles Tip sheet for examples.

Syntax Reference
 B1.6 - Postprocessing of RTF file with DATA _NULL_ Step  ex. DATA _NULL_; INFILE RTF_IN ...; FILE RTF_OUT ...; ...; PUT _INFILE_; RUN;

RTF Processing Save Those Eyes: A Quality-Control Utility for Checking RTF Output Immediately
And Accurately, Michiel Hagendoorn, Jonathan Squire, Johnny Tai

RTF2DATA Utility A Utility Macro to convert RTF Table to SAS Dataset

RTF_READ Decoding RTF Files

(Click on image below to start ODS mind map)

ODS Basics Style and Table Templates

ods tagsets.style_popup file="c:\temp.html" style=my_style;

proc print data=sashelp.class; run;

ods tagsets.style_popup close;


Quick Results with the Output Delivery System

SAS ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers

Using Styles and Templates to Customize SAS® ODS Output

 Beginner SAS Programmer


Beginner Paper ODS, YES! Odious, NO! – An Introduction to the SAS Output Delivery System Lara Bryant, Sally Muller, Ray Pass [Match_all]

Management Paper SAS ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers

 Advanced SAS Programmer

HOW Advanced Paper 

Utilizing Clinical SAS Report Templates with ODS, Sunil Gupta

 Macro SAS Programmer

  [Clinical Data Reporting]

TOC Paper  Creating Customized Word Tables with Table of Contents using SAS ODS RTF for Clinical Studies, Sue X. Zhang

TOC PDF Paper Let's Give'em Something to TOC About: Transforming the Table of Contents of Your PDF File [NOTOC CONTENTS=''DESCRIPTION= PDFTOC=1, SAS Tip to remove Table 1 node]

Hyperlink Paper Hyperlinks and Bookmarks with ODS RTF, Scott Osowski, Thomas Fritchey


1. What's New in the Output Delivery System, Version 9.0, Sandy McNeill


2. Traffic-Lighting Your Reports the Easy Way with PROC REPORT and ODS, Andrew H. Karp


3. Using ODS to Create User Defined Reports Without PROC TEMPLATE, Nicolle Mode


4. To ODS RTF and Beyond, David Shannon


5. Creating Table of Contents in RTF Documents, Electra Small


6. PROC TEMPLATE Tables from Scratch, Kevin Smith

7. MARKUP: The Power of Choice and Change, Eric Gebhart

8. Smooth Writing with In-Line Formatting, Louise S. Hadden

9. Using ODS PDF, Style Templates, Inline Styles, and PROC REPORT with SAS® Macro Programs, Patrick Thornton

10. ODS RTF: Practical Tips, Cindy Tong [BODYTITLE, PAGEXOFY]

11. Using SAS® ODS to Create Professional-Quality Reports, Rob Krajcik 

12. Add Style to ODS Output by Stretching Your Inheritance in Version 9.2 SAS®, Perry Watts

13. Traffic Lighting Your Multi-Sheet Microsoft Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®, Vincent DelGobbo

14. ODS: The DATA Step Knows, William F. Heffner

15. Making the Output Delivery System (ODS) Work for You, William Fehlner

16. Output Delivery Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Using SAS® Output Delivery System (ODS), Kirk Paul Lafler

17. ODS for Data Analysis: Output As-You-Like-It in Version 7 Christopher R. Olinger, Randall D. Tobias

18. ODS For Dummies, Chris Olinger

19. Twisty Little Passages, All Alike – ODS Templates Exposed, Chris Olinger

20. ODS for Reporting with Style, Susan Slaughter, Lora Delwiche

21. An Introduction to Creating and Using ODS Tagsets, Jack Hamilton

22. Drill-Down Links Using PROC REPORT and ODS, Sanja Batljan


24. Are you at Odds with ODS?, Philip Holland

25. The Basics of ODS and Templates for Data Analysis, Sandy McNeill, Christopher Olinger, Randall Tobias

26. What's New in the Output Delivery System, Version 9.0, Sandy McNeill

27. ODS Tips & Tricks, Lauren Haworth

28. ODS for PRINT, REPORT and TABULATE, Lauren Haworth

29. Using ODS to Create High-quality Hardcopy in SAS v8, Brian T. Schellenberger

30. Let the ODS PRINTER Statement Take Your Output into the Twenty-First Century, 
Scott Huntley


32. Using SAS® ODS Tagsets to Create Non-SAS User Friendly Reports, Stuart Summers

33. Essential ODS Techniques for Creating Reports in PDF, Patrick Thornton

34. Turn the Tables on Boring Reports with SAS® 9.2 and RTF Tagset Options, Louise Hadden [Post processing, VJUST=MIDDLE]

35. PDF Can be Pretty Darn Fancy: Tips and Tricks for the ODS PDF Destination, Pete Lund [PROC REPORT, COMPUTE BLOCK]

36. PROC TEMPLATE and its Application in Tables & Crosstabulation Tables, Ruchi Prakash Sahu [Presentation]

37. Skinning the Cat This Way and That: Using ODS to Create Word Documents That Work for You, Elizabeth Axelrod, David Shamlin [DDE]

38. Using Dynamic Data Exchange to Export Your SAS® Data to MS Excel
— Against All ODS, Part I, Koen Vyverman
, [DDE]

39. Fancy MS Word Reports Made Easy: Harnessing the Power of Dynamic Data
Exchange — Against All ODS, Part II —, William W. Viergever and Koen Vyverman

40. Using Dynamic Data Exchange with Microsoft Word, Jodie Gilmore [DDE]

41. Using SAS®9 ODS Features to Present Table and Graph Data in an Adobe PDF File,
Lori Parsons
 [ODS Layout]

42. Integrating Tables and Graphs with ODS LAYOUT, Steven Feder

43. Customize your SAS® Output with the Template Procedure: A Beginning Tutorial, Carol Gosselin
and Joy Smith

44. Turn Your Plain Report into a Painted Report Using ODS Styles, Cynthia Zender and Allison Booth

45. ODS Options and SAS Stored Processes, Cynthia Zender

46. Staying Relevant in a Competitive World: Using the SAS® Output Delivery System to Enhance, Customize, and Render Reports, Chevell Parker

47. Prove QC Quality — Create SAS® Dataset from RTF File, Honghua Chen [Post processing]

48. Converting Multiple SAS Output Files to Rich Text Format Automatically without Using ODS, Ling Chen [Post processing]

49. ODS PDF and RTF Application Development: Steps to Ensure Success and Examples of Useful Coding Techniques, Benno Kurch [Post processing]

50. Annotating the SAS® ODS Graphics Way!, Dan Heath [9.4]

51. Set Yourself Free –Use ODS Report Writing Technology in SAS Enterprise Guide Instead of Dynamic Data Exchange in PC SAS, Robert Richard Springborn

52. Set Yourself Free –Use ODS Report Writing Technology in SAS Enterprise Guide Instead of Dynamic Data Exchange in PC SAS Part II SAS Code Revealed, Robert Richard Springborn

53. Automating the Production of Patient Profiles Using PROC DOCUMENT and ODS Layout, Doug Lassman

54. Enhancing RTF Output with RTF Control Words and In-Line Formatting, Lori Parsons [ODS RTF TEXT=, Narratives]

55. Preparing Output from Statistical Procedures for Publication, Part 1: PROC REG to APA Format, Vincent DelGobbo [BODYTITLE]

56. ODS Markup, Tagsets, and Styles! Taming ODS Styles and Tagsets, Eric Gebhart [PARSKIP]

57. Advanced RTF layout with SAS, Katja Glab [BODYTITLE, STYLE=Spanner custom table header]

58. Creating Word Tables Made Easier, Carey Smoak [BODYTITLE]

59. ODS Step by Step, Wendi Wright

60. Enhancing SAS Output with Output Delivery System (ODS), Hemal Mehta [Presentation]

61. Inline Formatting, Duong Tan

62. Tiptoe through the Templates, Cynthia Zender [ODS Template store]

63. Essential SAS® ODS PDF, Patrick Thornton

64. A SAS® Output Delivery System Menu for All Appetites and Applications, Chevell Parker

65. Creating SAS® Report Outline Using the Output Delivery System for Online Review, Sue X. Zhang

66. Using SAS®9 ODS Features to Present Table and Graph Data in an Adobe PDF File, Lori Parsons

67. An Introduction to the ODS Destination for Word, David Kelley

68. Connecting the Dots: Using ODS RTF ANCHORS, ODS RTF BOOKMARKS and Table of Contents to Guide Readers Through Your SAS® RTF Reports, Debra Goldman

69. A SAS Macro Utility to Append SAS-Generated RTF Outputs and Create the Table of Contents, Sudhakar Anbazhagan, Shridhar Patel 

70. ODS, An Introduction to Creating Output Data Sets, Lisa Pyle [Proc Reg]

71. Manipulating Statistical and Other Procedure Output to Get the Results That You Need, Vincent DelGobbo [Proc Report, ODS]

72. OUT= is on the way out. Use ODS OUTPUT instead, Stanley Fogleman


74. The Power of TABLE Templates and DATA _NULL, Cynthia Zender

75. Report Creation Using Data _NULL_, Caroline Bahler, Eric Brinsfield

76. TLFs: Replaying Rather than Appending, William Coar

77. Automating Concatenation of PDF/RTF Reports Using ODS DOCUMENT, Shirish Nalavade, Shubha Manjunath

78. Creating a PDF file containing multiple outputs, Spencer Renyard

79. A Tool to Combine TFL Outputs, Jason Wang

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