R Programming  




R Programming Style   Tidy Programming Style


                                   RStudio Cheat Sheets                                                                  R Reference Card  

Required Steps: 1. Install R 4.0.4 for Windows, 2. Install RStudio, 3. Install RStudio Learnr Package


Tutorials Point Quick Guide       Tutorials The Analysis Factor

R Examples  

R Programming Style Types


Data Access   and Data Management  


Data Wrangling                                                              Data Cleaning

Data Reporting, Analysis and Plotting  



Advanced R Solutions    Custom Functions

R4Stats - SAS and R code GitHub-Sheets R Project for Statistical Computing  


Advanced R book


Compare with SAS

Guru99 Blog  EDUCBA Blog  SAS Programming for R Users Book   SAS and R Examples  Read/Write SAS Datasets

R Package for SAS Programmers

Example 1: Listing

Example 2: Summary Stats Table

Example 3: Figure


flextable() vs Proc Report


R and SQL

Three Options: SQLDF(), DPLY, DDPLYR()

CRAN package     SQL Server

SQLDF() rdrr.io


SQLDF() in R                                                   SQLDF() Tutorial


SQLDF() Examples


Introduction to DPLY  


Blogs, Classes and References

Listen Data R Blog  Guru Blog   Wikipedia  R-blogger   R-Tutor   Joyti's R-blog

DataCamp    CodeAcademy    DataMentor     R-Journal    Data Table   Study Trials Blog

YouTube Videos  R Studio (Webinars)   GitHub-Submission   R-Bootcamp   Kickstarting R

R Consortium   How to Create a Pie Chart in R using GGPLOT2

R Programming in a Clinical Trial Data Analysis Blog

TFL programming in R versus SAS

UCLA: Introduction to R, SeminarFAQs




Statistics Globe

Geeks for Geeks - Task based examples


Pharma Industry

Clinical Reporting with R   R/Pharma   GitHub Pharma Packages   GitHub R4CDISC/R4DSXML

Using R in the Pharmaceutical Industry Blog

Using the Statistical Programming Language R in the Pharma Industry Blog

R Programming in clinical trial data analysis Blog by Shrishaila Patil

The Rise of R-should SAS programmers get up to speed? Blog

FDA: R OK for drug trials Blog

R: Regulatory Compliance and Validation Issues A Guidance Document for the Use of R in Regulated Clinical Trial Environments

R for Biostatisicians [Presentation]

Clinical Trials Package

  • Design and Monitoring
  • Design and Analysis
  • Analysis for Specific Designs
  • Analysis in General
  • Meta-Analysis
  • Examples         

         Tools for Clinical Data Management Package

        atable: Create Tables for Reporting Clinical Trials Package [Documentation  Article]

R Programming for SAS Viya


    Data Science

    ANOVA in R

    Tidyverse Cheat Sheet


    R Markdown

    Introduction   PDF Reports   Cheetsheet




    R Packages   R for Data Science   Efficient R   R in Action   Data Cleaning with R

    DataQuest   SAS and R    R and Relational Databases    A Little Book of R For Time Series [HTML]

    Hands-On Programming with R [Debugging]   Cookbook

    Beginner Level


     UC of Riverside                                         University of Georgia

    Glossary: An Introduction to R


    Popular R Packages

    FAQs   CRAN

    Tidyverse  Manifesto  Design Guide   Introduction to Tidyverse   Book

    Getting Started with Tidyverse

    Tidy Definitions and Functions

    Microsoft  Data.Table   RStudio   RShinyTLF   OpenFDA RShiny

    gt Package



      table() - proc freq

      summarise() - proc means

      prop.table() - create table


    1. Debug – Essential Principles and Functions that you can’t miss! [Data-Flair]

    2. Debugging in R – How to Easily Overcome Errors in Your Code?

    3. Error Handling in R


    1. Exploring Use of R for Clinical Trials, Kalpesh Prajapati

    2. Is R language reliable and efficient tool for programming SAS datasets or just art for art’s sake?, Piotr Podlewsk

    3. Clinical Trial Datasets (CDISC - SDTM/ADaM) Using R, Prasanna Murugesan [Compare Code]

    4. A Gentle Introduction to R From A SAS Programmer's Perspective, Saranya Duraisamy [Beginner Level]

    5. Python and R made easy for the SAS® Programmer, Janet Li [Compare Code]

    6. R for SAS programmers: It’s different, but friendly, Friedrich Schuster

    7. SAS® and R - stop choosing, start combining and get benefits!, Diana Bulaienko

    8. SAS and R Playing Nice Together, David Edwards, Bella Feng, Brian Schultheiss

    9. Can clinical trial data sets (CDSIC - SDTM/ADaM) be generated using R? Blog

    10. R: Validation Hub [FDA]

    11. CRAN Task View: Clinical Trial Design, Monitoring, and Analysis (packages)

    12. SAS® and R Working Together, Matthew Cohen [Date formats]

    13. Best Practices for Reproducible Package Management in R

    14. Techniques for writing robust R programs, Martin Gregory , Merck Serono

    15. How do I select an R package for my clinical workflow?, Sean Lopp & Phil Bowsher

    16. The Challenges of Validating R [Presentation]

    17. Using R to Drive Agility in Clinical Reporting [GSK Presentation]

    18. CDISC Dataset-XML – A new Dataset Structure for Clinical Trial Data Transport for Future Drug Submissions, Jörg Dillert [R4CDISC, R4DSXML]

    19. End to End Interactive TLF using R Shiny, Rohit Banga

    20. Is there any better option than SAS for TLFs? Yes, there R!, Niccolo Bassani [Presentation - ddply(), Proc REPORT]

    21. A quick introduction to plyr, Sean Anderson

    22. Using R Programming for Clinical Trial Data Analysis Blog

    23. The SAS® Versus R Debate in Industry and Academia, Chelsea Loomis Lofland, Rebecca Ottesen [Compare SAS and R]

    24. Using R in a Regulatory Environment: some FDA perspectives [Presentation]

    25. Using R: Perspectives of a FDA Statistial Reviewer [Presentation]

    26. R-Pharma Papers

    27. R for Clinical Reporting, Yes - Let's Explore It!, Hao Meng, Yating Gu, Yeshashwini Chenna (SASxport, sas7bdat, dplyr)

    28. Generating ADaM Compliant ADSL Dataset Using R, Vipin Kumpawat

    29. Generating TFLs in R - Challenges and Successes compared to SAS, Amol Waykar, Kevin Kramer, Kalyani Komarasetti, Andrew Miskell

    30. Using the R interface in SAS ® to Call R Functions and Transfer Data, Bruce Gilsen

    31. Expand Your Skills from SAS® to R with No Complications, Andrii Korchak

    32. Simulation in SAS with Comparisons to R, Chelsea Loomis Lofland, Rebecca Ottesen

    33. Normal is Boring, Let’s be Shiny: Managing Projects in Statistical Programming Using the RStudio® Shiny® App, Girish Kankipati, Hao Meng

    34. Building Automations for Generating R and SAS Code Supporting Visualizations Across Multiple Therapeutic Areas, Anastasia Alexeeva, William Martersteck, and Mei Zhao

    35. Effective Exposure-Response Data Visualization and Report by Combining the Power of R and SAS Programming, Shuozhi Zuo, Hong Yan

    36. A Brief Introduction to Performing Statistical Analysis in SAS, R & Python, Erica Goodrich, Daniel Sturgeon

    37. The Power of Data Visualization in R, Babych Oleksandr

    38. Open-NCA – R Scripts for CDISC-based Pharmacokinetic Analysis, Peter Schaefer

    39. Statistical Computing Environments in CDER, Paul Schuette

    40. Use of R Script to Create Trial Summary (ts.xpt) Domains for Nonclinical SEND Studies, Bob Friedman, Xybion; Anthony Fata, William Varady, William Houser, Kevin Snyder

    41. R Package Oriented Software Development Life Cycle in Regulated Clinical Trial Environments, Yalin Zhu, Rinki Jajoo, Clare Bai, Sarad Nepal, Daniel Woodie, Keaven Anderson, Yilong Zhang [Presentation]

    42. R for SDTM and ADaM Data [Presentation]

    43. R syntax for SAS programmers, Max Cherny [Beginner, Tidyverse]

    44. Creating Graphs Simply with SAS® or R, John O’Leary, Jaclyn Scholl

    45. Techniques for writing robust R programs, Martin Gregory , Merck Serono


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