ODS Document allows the output from procedures to be stored and then later replayed using PROC DOCUMENT. The syntax to start storing output is: ODS Document NAME=name (WRITE);

The familiar ODS Document CLOSE will stop storing the output. Entries in the document are uniquely identified with sequence numbers. 

The entries in a document can be shown using the following code: proc document name=name; list/levels=all; run;

The output for two PROC PRINT outputs, a PROC GPLOT and a PROC FREQ would be:

Obs Path Type


1 \Print#1 Dir

2 \Print#1\Print#1 Report

3 \Print#2 Dir

4 \Print#2\Print#1 Report

3 \Gplot#1 Dir

4 \Gplot#1\Gplot#1 Graph

5 \Freq#1 Dir

6 \Freq#1\x_by_y#1 Dir

7 \Freq#1\x_by_y#1\CrossTabFreqs#1 Crosstab

The path will be used in the PROC DOCUMENT code to replay the correct output. To replay the Graph the following code would be used: proc document name=name; dir \Gplot#1; run; replay Gplot#1; quit; 

ods rtf file="C:\NESUG2004\profile.rtf";


* This Uses ODS Layout with relative referencing *


ods layout start rows=4 columns=2;

ods region row=1 column=1;

proc document name=profile; dir \Print#1; run; replay Print#1; quit;

ods region row=1 column=2;

proc document name=profile; dir \Print#2; run; replay Print#1; quit;

ods layout end;

ods rtf close;


SAS® Reference PROC DOCUMENT, Cynthia Zender

SAS® Reference PROC DOCUMENT Syntax

1. Automating the Production of Patient Profiles Using PROC DOCUMENT and ODS Layout, Doug Lassman

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