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March 2015 Updates

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  • 02 Mar 2015 4:31 PM
    Message # 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Satya Uday likes SAS Savvy.

  • 03 Mar 2015 8:15 AM
    Reply # 3240807 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In the SAS Enterprise Guide section, I just added a link to this SAS paper - Tips and Tricks to Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® in a BI World.

  • 07 Mar 2015 7:17 PM
    Reply # 3244592 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    For the SAS Savvy CDISC fans, I created a new CDISC Reference Page with a link to a CDISC Reference Guide.  It is a must for all beginner to advanced level CDISC programmers.  Let me know what you think of it. 

  • 07 Mar 2015 7:53 PM
    Reply # 3244601 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Great for both new and experienced programmers, I just added links to The Little SAS book PDF and SAS Examples in the New to SAS Programming section.

  • 09 Mar 2015 3:37 PM
    Reply # 3245711 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Do you know the answer to this common FAQ on SAS options? - When executing a %INCLUDE 'INIT.SAS' file, for example, what is an option to display INIT.SAS in the log?

  • 10 Mar 2015 7:30 PM
    Reply # 3246870 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    New member quote - 

    Hello, my name is Chad Russ and I was a part of your first webinar with some great information on CDISC (see details below). I would like to purchase some materials (see title of email) but was unable to locate them or any price information on your website. Can you help me? :)

    Thank you!
    Chad Russ

    PS I start my new job as a SAS programmer Monday and am excited to use your excellent material for self-study! You did a fantastic job.

  • 11 Mar 2015 7:10 AM
    Reply # 3247148 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    In CDISC section, I added a common FAQ on what is the difference between these informats - b8601da8., e8601da10., b8601da15. and e8601da19.?

  • 11 Mar 2015 11:08 AM
    Reply # 3247344 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    New member quote - 'Excellent website and WELL worth the $$ to join. Thanks for providing this resource. I have been a SAS user since Version 1 back in the 70's and I still have my original Merrill's book on capacity planning :-)', Dan Loerke, Mainframe Architect at Meridian Technologies

  • 13 Mar 2015 5:54 AM
    Reply # 3251117 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Quote from UCSD CDISC 101 Mapping class student - 

    'Please find in the attachment the assignments for lesson 5 and lesson 6.
    I really enjoyed the class and thanks for accommodating me even though I was late.  I really understood the current standards and the future of CDISC and ADaM programming.'

    Best regards
    Amutha Sampathkumar

  • 19 Mar 2015 6:13 AM
    Reply # 3258307 on 3239575
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    New UCSD CDISC Online class student - 

    Dear Sunil,

    I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your great CDISC class at the UCSD Extension. I just completed it and it turned out (as I was aiming for the ‘A’ grade) more work and material than I initially thought – but worth every minute of it.

    The way you have designed the class, you give multiple options to ‘experience’ it. You also provide several layers of learning, making it useful to both the person whose objective is to learn about clinical data submission concepts and CDISC standards, as well as to the programmer and the analyst. As a Programmer/Analyst myself, I am walking out of your class, not only with an invaluable new understanding of CDISC standards and the data submission process, but with the most generous and detailed collection of code samples, documentation, and online resources, including your SASSavvy portal.

    I also (so very much) appreciate your relentless support, great attitude, and role model as a professional in this field.

    I am looking forward taking more advanced CDISC classes with you.

    Please contact me for anything I can be of service to you. I will certainly be contacting you to check if you are attending Pharma/SAS events in the area so I can greet you in person.

    With much gratitude,

    Mayca Roig, MS, MA, MBA

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